Oak Park Image Archive - 1977-78 Updates http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp The latest 1977-78 images added to the Oak Park Image Archive en-us 5/23/2024 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp http://www.oakparkhistory.com/OPImageArchiveSmall.jpg Oak Park Image Archive Update: 1/19/2008 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/011908.htm New additions for January 19, 2008</A> (1977-78 and 1993-94 school years) Update: 12/2/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/120207.htm New additions for December 2, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 12/1/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/120107.htm New additions for December 1, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 11/30/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/113007.htm New additions for November 30, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 10/26/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/102607.htm I have started scanning all of the 35mm slides in the collection, and found several pages of slides from the 1978-79 school year. Most of the negatives from that school year were discarded at some point in time, so these are a welcome addition to the 1978-79 collection.<p>New additions for October 26, 2007</A> (1977-78, 1978-79, 1979-80 school years) Update: 10/25/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/102507.htm Did you grow up near Oak Park? If so, take a look at the aerial photos from February, 1976. Things have really changed!<p>New additions for October 25, 2007</A> (1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78 school years) Update: 10/21/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/102107.htm The lone Log images from 1972-73 now have some company--I found some 1972-73 slides this weekend. Most of them are from a football game at Arrowhead stadium.<p>New additions for October 21, 2007</A> (1968-69, 1972-73, 1974-75, 1977-78, 1998-99 school years) Update: 8/25/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/082507.htm New additions for August 25, 2007</A> (1973-74, 1977-78, 1980-81 school years) Update: 8/17/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/081707.htm New additions for August 17, 2007</A> (1973-74, 1977-78 school years) Update: 7/23/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/072307.htm New additions for July 23, 2007</A> (1977-78, 1987-88 school years) Update: 7/22/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/072207.htm New additions for July 22, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 7/21/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/072107.htm New additions for July 21, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year)<BR> You can now vote for your favorite photos. When viewing the images on the class pages, click an image to vote for it as a favorite. <A HREF=Favorite.asp>View the voting results</A>. Update: 7/19/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/071907.htm No new images today, but I discovered that the 1977-78 Cambia signing party images are actually from the 1976-77 school year. Take a look at the <A HREF=1976-77/1976-1977-CambiaSigningParty-16.jpg TARGET=_blank>overall-design yearbooks</A> in the photos. If you notice any other 1976-77 photos in the <A HREF=/images.asp?Category=1977-1978 TARGET=_blank>1977-78 section</A>, please let me know. Update: 7/16/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/071607.htm New additions for July 16, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 7/15/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/071507.htm New additions for July 15, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 7/14/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/071407.htm New additions for July 14, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 7/13/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/071307.htm New additions for July 13, 2007</A> (1969-70, 1970-71, 1977-78 school years)<BR> (You'll also see some photos from the 2005-06 and 2006-07 Alumni Hall of Fame inductions.) Update: 7/8/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/070807.htm New additions for July 8, 2007</A> (1977-78 school year) Update: 7/6/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/070607.htm New additions for July 6, 2007</A> (1966-67, 1967-68, 1977-78, 1981-82, 1996-97 school years) Update: 5/29/2007 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/updates/052907.htm I'm still working on the Oak Park history DVD. I have finished part one, and will be getting started on part two soon. You can view an excerpt from part one on the new <A HREF=../Video/Index.html>video page</A>.<BR><BR> New additions for May 29, 2007</A> (1977-78, 1979-80, 1980-81 school years)