Oak Park Image Archive - 1981-82 Image Notes http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp The latest 1981-82 image notes added to the Oak Park Image Archive en-us 7/22/2024 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp http://www.oakparkhistory.com/OPImageArchiveSmall.jpg Oak Park Image Archive 1981-1982: Tony Baker, Kirk Banes, and Le ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek Tony Baker, Kirk Banes, and Lee Feagles 1981-1982: Nikki Perry ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek Nikki Perry 1981-1982: David McCall ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek David McCall 1981-1982: This is Jim Casselman, Kyle Mo ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-Misc This is Jim Casselman, Kyle Mowry, and Donnie Cotter in drama class. 1981-1982: Sharon Snowden escorted by Cra ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek Sharon Snowden escorted by Craig Hagel 1981-1982: Gary Ellis had a hard day at t ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek Gary Ellis had a hard day at the office. 1981-1982: Ron Wood (L) Mick Jagger (R) ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-Concerts Ron Wood (L) Mick Jagger (R) 1981-1982: Frank Campabasso ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-ArtClubOfficers Frank Campabasso 1981-1982: Julie Manahan, front row, left ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-ArtClubOfficers Julie Manahan, front row, left 1981-1982: Lynnette Procopio - President ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-ArtClubOfficers Lynnette Procopio - President (back row left) 1981-1982: Ron Wood on guitar (L), and Bi ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-Concerts Ron Wood on guitar (L), and Bill Wyman on bass (R). 1981-1982: Second row- 7th person from th ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-Track Second row- 7th person from the left with glasses is Lee Feagles. 1981-1982: This is LeAnne Pouge ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-HomecomingWeek This is LeAnne Pouge 1981-1982: Robert Loveall, Pam Gilpin, Al ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-SeniorOfficers Robert Loveall, Pam Gilpin, Allison Bryan, and Sharon Snowden 1981-1982: Loretta Palmisano, Terri Harla ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-AlumniCheerleaders Loretta Palmisano, Terri Harlan, Karen Carlson 1981-1982: The Rolling Stones in concert ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1981-1982-Concerts The Rolling Stones in concert at Kemper Arena. Several pictures from this event are in the 1982 yearbook.