Oak Park Image Archive - 1971-72 Image Notes http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp The latest 1971-72 image notes added to the Oak Park Image Archive en-us 4/13/2024 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp http://www.oakparkhistory.com/OPImageArchiveSmall.jpg Oak Park Image Archive 1971-1972: That is my melodica! ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Misc That is my melodica! 1971-1972: I believe that is Mark Lancast ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepClubPicnic I believe that is Mark Lancaster on the picnic table. 1971-1972: The guy on the far right is Ge ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepClubPicnic The guy on the far right is Gene Curtis 1971-1972: I didn't know this picture of ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Assemblies I didn't know this picture of me existed. Boy was I young then! 1971-1972: Rick Eastin is the boy just ou ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Misc Rick Eastin is the boy just outside of the door looking off to his right. 1971-1972: From the left, Stuart Ferguson ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepClubPicnic From the left, Stuart Ferguson, Debbie Beedle, Gene someone., 1971-1972: Mark Revenaugh leading Pep Ban ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepBand Mark Revenaugh leading Pep Band. 1971-1972: Pom Pon girl facing is Cheryl ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepBand Pom Pon girl facing is Cheryl White. In Pep Band is Martha Barnes, Tom Bechtal and many more. 1971-1972: So many people! Pom Pon girl i ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepBand So many people! Pom Pon girl is Cheryl White, in Pep band I see Martha Barnes, Tom Bechtal, wish you could click them and make them bigger, I know I could add more names. 1971-1972: Milton Jones, Don Davis. ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepBand Milton Jones, Don Davis. 1971-1972: The guy is Mike Conway, class ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Assemblies The guy is Mike Conway, class of '72. 1971-1972: J.V. Cheerleaders: Pat Castor ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepClubPicnic J.V. Cheerleaders: Pat Castor in Oak Park t-shirt, Nancy Dillahungy 1971-1972: J.V. Cheerleaders: dark shirt ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PepClubPicnic J.V. Cheerleaders: dark shirt Carol Bigham, Sharon Cochran right behind her 1971-1972: Stewart Ferguson '73 getting o ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Misc Stewart Ferguson '73 getting on the bus 1971-1972: 1st row kneeling left to right ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PomPon 1st row kneeling left to right: Susan Henry, Janna Moody, Melissa Rice 1971-1972: Susan Mace (far right) ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Assemblies Susan Mace (far right) 1971-1972: This is Susan Hermann ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-CambiaQueen This is Susan Hermann 1971-1972: Back row second from left is S ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Graduation Back row second from left is Steve Manning not Ken Kraft 1971-1972: standing 4th fr left, Debbie R ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-PomPon standing 4th fr left, Debbie Rose standing 6th fr left, Gaye West 1971-1972: Merlin Baker - math teacher ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1971-1972-Misc Merlin Baker - math teacher