Oak Park Image Archive - 1970-71 Image Notes http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp The latest 1970-71 image notes added to the Oak Park Image Archive en-us 6/23/2024 http://www.oakparkhistory.com/index.asp http://www.oakparkhistory.com/OPImageArchiveSmall.jpg Oak Park Image Archive 1970-1971: The young woman is Cheryl Bail ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-VocalMusic The young woman is Cheryl Bailey, 1971. The four of us were perusing the singing schedule. 1970-1971: Sadly, both Doug Macken and Ch ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log Sadly, both Doug Macken and Chris Elliot have "crossed over to God." Two of my best friends at Oak Park and Antioch Jr. high. Doug was my first date ever, he took me to the Freshman Formal at Antioch junior high. Two good guys who always 'had my back," and I'm sure are angels in Heaven. 1970-1971: What I hope will be the last u ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log What I hope will be the last update... Seated (L to R): Laura Hirt, Carol Wolf, Bob Foster, Paula Parsons Standing (L to R, front row): Cathi Burton, David Peironnet, Joyce Elven, Linda Reifert, Tom Pilcher, Galen Miner, Janet Grunstein, Dave Alig, Terry Shuman Standing (L to R, back row): Doug Macken, Chris Elliott, George Townsend, Janet Short, Merlynn Hargrove, Patty Nininger, Greg Heiberg, Kathy Moffat, Liz Campbell, Mr. Lynn Blair, Keith Chrostowski If I messed any of this up I'll buy you a paperback under a dollar from the bookstore... ;) 1970-1971: The girl playing Nellie Forbus ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-SouthPacific The girl playing Nellie Forbush is Connie Gingery. 1970-1971: Moving right to left: Galen Mi ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log Moving right to left: Galen Miner (only girl I know who ever received a draft notice) in red dress. Keith Chrostowski standing next to Lynn and right behind Paula (Keith still works at the KC Star, I believe), Tom Pilcher in the red v-neck, might be Greg Geiger on top row right behind Tom? And maybe Merlyn Hargrove to his right? (Wish the photo could be a little bigger!)Is that Janet Kuehn in the orange blouse on the second step? Definitely Carol Wolf sitting on the steps, Chris Elliott way in back in red sweater. I want to say Kathy Rinehart in the red dress on the left side, maybe? All very familiar faces, names a bit confused after 42 years! Of course, the guy in the blue shirt with the collar buttoned is David Peironnet, my best pal in high school (even if we never got very far in STUCO!). I'll keep studying, hope to add more names, correct any I messed up on. 1970-1971: Kay Mowry (a.k.a. "Mom" to the ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Misc Kay Mowry (a.k.a. "Mom" to the debaters). Miss you, Glenn... 1970-1971: Hi, Debbie! Yes, that's me (Te ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log Hi, Debbie! Yes, that's me (Terry Shuman) on the far right. So great to be able to let everyone know that I'm not, in fact, deceased. I did lose my wife Terry (NKC grad, but I loved her anyway!) in that auto accident in 1977, but God decided to keep me around for awhile longer... How great to find this place, and especially this picture. So many great memories of all you folks (miss you, Paula!), and especially the inimitable Lynn Blair. He, more than anyone else, is responsible for my becoming a teacher. Thanks, Lynn... Hey, Cathi, I think you might be frowning because (if you recall) it was !@#$% windy that day, and we kept having to shoot, and shoot, and shoot to get a usable shot... And if someone wants to go back in and spell Terry's first name ("y," not "i") and my last name (no "c," please) correctly, that'd be swell. Some of you might recall I was always a little touchy about that unwanted "c" in there, and I can tell you that Terry was VERY touchy about that whole "i" thing... So wonderful seeing all of you again. You have NO idea... 1970-1971: The guy is Marty Henderson. ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-SouthPacific The guy is Marty Henderson. 1970-1971: In the orange shirt in the bac ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log In the orange shirt in the back, Mr. Blair. On the far right, blue shirt, is Terry Schuman, who was in debate. He passed away in a car wreck with his wife, Terri, who was a NKC graduate, in 1975 or 76. 1970-1971: Tank - Jim Tankersley ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Cheerleaders Tank - Jim Tankersley 1970-1971: Class of '73 Splits: Connie ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Cheerleaders Class of '73 Splits: Connie Allen from left to right: Patty Hightower, Nancy Dillahunty, Pat Caster 1970-1971: Our competition in 1972 was at ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-InstrumentalMusic Our competition in 1972 was at William Jewell. Our clarinet group in the chapel was one of the most beautiful acoustic settings we'd ever played in. 1970-1971: Wow, Don - I remember this per ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-InstrumentalMusic Wow, Don - I remember this performance - I was blown away! 1970-1971: I am the one in the gray dress ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log I am the one in the gray dress, first on the left. Why I looked so mad is anyone's guess...I hope it was the sun in my eyes. Hate to hear about Paula. I never heard her say a harmful word about anyone. 1970-1971: I'm in the pink dress standing ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Log I'm in the pink dress standing on the grass, David Alig is in the green shirt behind me. Sorry about Paula. 1970-1971: Tall blond with her back to th ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-InstrumentalMusic Tall blond with her back to the camera is Terri Kennard. 1970-1971: That is Paulette Schultz in th ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-Cambia That is Paulette Schultz in the green and pink jumpsuit(top of the ladder). I believe she was the Cambia Queen that year. I was married to her brother David Schultz for 16 years. 1970-1971: This photo was taken during di ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-VocalMusic This photo was taken during district music festival at Maryville 1970-1971: This photo was taken at Maryvi ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-VocalMusic This photo was taken at Maryville instead of Jewell. 1970-1971: District music contest was hel ... http://www.oakparkhistory.com/images.asp?Category=1970-1971-InstrumentalMusic District music contest was held at Northwest Missouri State in Maryville until 1974 when the music contest moved to William Jewell. State Contest was held at MU in Columbia. All district music contest pictures identified as taking place at Jewell up to 1974 are incorrect.