Oak Park High School Class of 1996
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Oak Park High School Class of 1996
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Name: Allen (Venable), Carrie
E-mail: Carrieallen21@yahoo.com
Address: 109 McIntosh Drive
Springfield, TN 37172
Phone: 307-337-7933
Occupation: Retail Management
Name: Amos, Kevin
E-mail: kamos@kc.rr.com
Address: 7105 N.Shannon Ave
Kansas City, MO 64152
Phone: (816)453-1084
Occupation: Harley Davidson
Name: Arrington, Rusty
E-mail: rusty197688@gmail.com
Address: 3 ne 64th ter
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: 8162894889
Occupation: Owner Insurance Express
Name: Bears, Crystal
E-mail: bbbears03@sbcglobal.net
Name: Bentsen, Mandy
E-mail: mandyleann78@yahoo.com
Address: Smithville, MO 64089
Occupation: Mom
Name: Bock(Hanson), Christina
E-mail: clea@kc.rr.com
Address: 4239 N. Chelsea
Kansas City, MO 64117
Phone: (816)455-8380
Occupation: Cosmetology Instructor
Name: Brewer, Michael
E-mail: brewer-@hotmail.com
Address: Parkville, MO 64152
Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Name: Byland, Mary Beth
E-mail: mbylandd@yahoo.com
Address: 118 Soring Ct
Belton, MO 64012
Phone: (816)820-3092
Occupation: Logistics-IKON Office Solutions
Name: Carruthers, Pete
E-mail: spddmn7@hotmail.com
Address: 9705 N Highland
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)734-8290
Name: Carter (Krueger), Erin
E-mail: erinecarter@yahoo.com
Occupation: stay at home mom
Name: Castle, Brynn
E-mail: brynn@brynncastle.com
Occupation: Entreprenuer
Name: Clevenger, Sarah
E-mail: sarah9278@yahoo.com
Address: 7400 N Wayne
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)223-1838
Name: Clough (Green), Crissy
E-mail: crissy.clough@zurichna.com
Name: Comer, Amanda
E-mail: amanda_j_comer@hotmail.com
Address: 1411 NE Vivian Road
Kansas City, MO 64118
Name: DeMartino (Bussiere), Ashlee
E-mail: ashlee.demartino@meredith.com
Address: 5555 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Occupation: Weather Anchor CBS 5 and 3TV
Name: Derfler (Vaughn), Rebecca
E-mail: redhdchrstngrl@yahoo.com
Address: Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: 816-746-4425
Occupation: Nursing Student/ NKCH
Name: deu, robert
Name: Dickey(Hambrecht), Sarah
E-mail: shambrecht@hotmail.com
Address: 6902 Parkridge Blvd. #309st St
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: (972)432-0584
Occupation: Research Associate for Trial Analysts, Inc.
Name: Dietrich, Jeff
E-mail: jeffrey.c.dietrich@gmail.com
Address: El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Occupation: CPA
Name: Dillard, Kevin
E-mail: delodi77@yahoo.com
Address: 8100 N Hickory
Kansas City, MO 64119
Occupation: Engineer-Time Warner
Name: Donius, Chrystal
E-mail: cdonius@kumc.edu
Occupation: Respiratory Therapist
Name: Duffing(Cooper), Summer
E-mail: scooper10@hotmail.com
Address: 1334 White Hawk Dr.
O'Fallon, MO 63366
Phone: (636)379-1405
Occupation: Contracts Administrator-Boeing
Name: Epperson (Omecene), Beth
E-mail: beth@thelinktoyoursuccess.com
Address: 10908 N. Holly street
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 816-237-9538
Occupation: CEO / Owner of Middle Man Marketing
Name: Espeer, Derek
E-mail: derekespeer@yahoo.com
Address: 6909 Nw 78th Street
Kansas City, MO 64152
Phone: (816)741-8385
Occupation: Mational Business Development Manager - RSI
Name: Filion, Alden
E-mail: alden_filion@hotmail.com
Address: 1310 Bayside Ave Apt. #4
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone: (703)499-8696
Occupation: 3D Animator
Name: Fowler, Nicole
E-mail: nicolefowler@reunionmakers.com
Address: 213 W Foley
Eufaula, OK 74432
Name: Fowler (Russell), Rebekah
E-mail: bekahbee17@yahoo.com
Address: 207 NE 103rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 816-309-6159
Occupation: 1st grade teacher
Name: Garcia, Jason
E-mail: thouartjay@hotmail.com
Address: , MO
Phone: (816)305-5539
Occupation: Web Developer/System Admin
Name: Gerlt, C
E-mail: jgerlt2001@yahoo.com
Name: Glidewill, Clifton
E-mail: south_90mph_paw@hotmail.com
Address: 904 NE 73rd Place
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-6514
Occupation: LA Dodgers Organization
Name: gloer, jeremy
E-mail: jeremygloer@gmail.com
Address: 414 2nd street
hermosa beach, CA 90254
Phone: 3105718649
Name: Hall, Samantha
E-mail: smhall1977@yahoo.com
Address: 3311 NE 82nd Terr.
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816)305-0982
Name: Harris, Kenny
E-mail: kharris9@nc.rr.com
Address: B co. 28th CSH
Fr. Bragg, NC 28307
Phone: (910)493-1144
Occupation: Military
Name: Hill, Allan
E-mail: allan@visualutions.com
Address: 5802 abelia creek
spring, tx 77379
Occupation: T3 Network Engineer
Name: Inzerillo, Anthony
E-mail: anthonyinzerillo@gmail.com
Address: 2215 Post Road
Austin, Tx 78704
Phone: 816-589-7447
Occupation: Software Engineer
Name: jensen, stephanie
Name: Joiner, Zach
E-mail: wjoiner05@hotmail.com
Address: Kansas City, MO 64155
Name: Kitchens, Paige
E-mail: pkitchens@vzw.blackberry.net
Address: 625 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 312-550-6183
Occupation: Financial Services
Name: Kroll, Enrich
E-mail: ekroll@rsacivi.com
Address: 4076 Summer Gate Ave.
Vallejo, CA 94591
Phone: (707) 554-6395
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Name: Kun, Thomas
E-mail: Javert93@sbcglobal.net
Occupation: Software Engineer
Name: Locardi, Peter
E-mail: plocardi@kc.rr.com
Address: gladstone, Mo 64118
Name: Lynn, Brad
E-mail: Thelynns_2000@yahoo.com
Address: 10369 N. Cherry Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Occupation: Police Officer
Name: Lynn (Stover), Michelle
E-mail: thelynn6@yahoo.com
Address: 4619 N.E. 46th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64117
Phone: 816-550-0323
Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom/Caterer
Name: McMurray, Tammy
E-mail: evangeline787@yahoo.com
Address: 1309 bennington ave
Kansas City, mo 64126
Occupation: Tech support f
Name: Mendenhall, Lisa
Address: , MO
Phone: (816)300-1007
Occupation: Order Administration BellSouth Provisioning
Name: Moore, Brady
E-mail: bradymoore@attbi.com
Address: 3126 Oak Road Apt. 204
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (925)935-1206
Occupation: Chemical Engineer for Shell Petroleum
Name: Newkirk, Brent
E-mail: bnewkirk77@gmail.com
Address: 22815 Nichols Rd
Weston, Mo
Phone: 8162611018
Occupation: Agriculture Sales and Product Management
Name: Peper, Michael
E-mail: tandyandmichael@hotmail.com
Address: 1708 NE 69th St.
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-7941
Occupation: Peace Corps Volunteer, Benin, West Africa
Name: Pitts, Michael
E-mail: littlepitts617@sbcglobal.net
Address: Raytown, MO 64133
Occupation: Bankruptcy Dept. Clerk
Name: Price (Worth), Erica
E-mail: price03@swbell.net
Address: 302 NE 50th Ct
KC, MO 64118
Phone: (816)452-8806
Occupation: Network Administrator
Name: Reinke, Cara
E-mail: creinke@hotmail.com
Address: 1212 NE 81st
KC, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-5931
Name: Reinsch, Billy
E-mail: breinsch77@yahoo.com
Address: 203 N.E. 67th St.
Gladstone, Mo 64118
Phone: 816-372-8217
Occupation: Warehouseman
Name: Riley, Nicole (Nikki)
E-mail: nicholeriley@yahoo.com
Address: 31-12 45th ST Apt. 4
New York, NY 11103
Phone: (347)804 8223
Occupation: Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
Name: Rinkenbaugh, Cary
E-mail: cdr2888@fairpoint.net
Address: 1411 Laurel St
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: 816-903-1411
Occupation: REALTOR
Name: Schrader, Jennifer
E-mail: jschrader7@yahoo.com
Address: 4849 E Roosevelt Street Apt. 2
Phoenix, AR 85005
Phone: (602)275-9310
Occupation: Teacher
Name: Shields, Mindy
E-mail: mindyshields@hotmail.com
Address: 277 Prospect Park West #3
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Occupation: Architect
Name: Sluder, Marlin
E-mail: sluder546@aol.com
Address: 900 S. 134th street
Bonner Springs, KS 66012
Phone: 913-915-8492
Name: Spacek, Cliff
E-mail: spacek@birch.net
Name: Steeples, Eva
E-mail: lukeeva1@yahoo.com
Address: 5820 N Mayview
Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: (816)587-8583
Occupation: Accounting Supervisor
Name: Stewert, Joe
E-mail: alpha-tango2@juno.com
Address: 1220 E 22nd Ave
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: (816)221-9427
Occupation: Music Minister
Name: Thacker (Roush), Misty
E-mail: armywifeandmomx3@aol.com
Address: 60010-1 Churchhill
Fort Hood, TX 76544
Phone: (254)539-6991
E-mail: jeffvandaveer@gmail.com
Address: 6816 s. 57th ave.
Laveen, AZ 85339
Phone: 4807978392
Occupation: Business owner
Name: Vincent, Eric
E-mail: edv721@hotmail.com
Address: 831B Nelson Dr.
Harrisburg, PA
Phone: (717)948-9624
Occupation: Criminal Justice Graduate Student
Name: Vogt (Young), Jennifer
E-mail: wolfegirl64118@hotmail.com
Address: 3601 NE Wild Plum Lane
Gladstone, MO 64119
Phone: (816)309-0026
Occupation: Computer Systems Manager/Software Developer
Name: Wan, Danny
E-mail: dannychichan@hotmail.com
Address: 6603 N Michigan Ave
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)455-2192
Occupation: Diplomat of Republic of China on Taiwan
Name: Whitley (Hoagland), Lindsay
E-mail: lindsaywhitley@yahoo.com
Address: 1503 NE 76th Terr
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-5691
Occupation: Student/Business Owner/Mom
Name: Whitt, MaryEllen
E-mail: lynx733@aol.com
Address: Kansas City, MO 64118
Occupation: Healthcare
Name: Wyatt, Ashley
E-mail: ashes247@aol.com
Address: 660 Flintlock Ct.
Nashville, TN 37217
Occupation: Professional Ice skater

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