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  Oak Park High School 1966-1967
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This is a photo of AFS student Carmen Hoces Figueroa, from Chile, with her American sister, Connie Prucha. Carmen became an OB/GYN in Santiago,Chile and lives there with her husband. She has two children--a daughter who is an architect and a son in law school.
(John Delap 1967)

Connie and I during that wonderful year I spent in Kansas City Mo. I always remember, even 43 years ago, that days and many of the students I met there. I want to say hi to all of them and to the teachers. As I said, it was a wonderful experience.
(Carmen Hoces)

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Connie Prucha and Carmen Hoces, AFS student from Chile
(Ralph Lewis '67)

Itīs been so long, (46 years!!!) but memories stay the same. It was nice to see Valerio in Italy 2 years ago, and also get in touch with John Delap and Bill Hankins by mail till now. (August 26, 2013).
(Carmen Hoces 1967)