Oak Park High School Class of 1982
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Oak Park High School Class of 1982
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Class Contact:
Greg Westbrook
11 NE 110th Terr
Kansas City, MO 64155

Name: Baker, Tony
E-mail: ttcbaker@kc.rr.com
Address: 6110 n. Euclid ave.
Gladstone, Mo 64118
Name: Banasik(Nuzman), Nancy
E-mail: nancy.banasik@noble.com
Address: 947 E Portland
Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: (417)866-4064
Occupation: Advertising
Name: Bartlett, Timothy D.D.S
E-mail: Dr2dteeth@aol.com
Address: 396 S. Newton Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757)497-1853
Name: beck (Morant), Julie
E-mail: mrs.juliebeck@yahoo.com
Address: 3816 Bur Oak Dr
Colleyville, tx 76034
Phone: 215-701-1733
Name: Bergen (Vaughan), Kely
E-mail: kellyz12000@swbell.net
Name: Bergne (Vaughan), Kelly
E-mail: kellyz12000@swbell.net
Address: 9205 N Jarboe st
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 816-734-0555
Occupation: Executive Secretary
Name: Biggs, Rob
Address: 8751 N Charlotte
Kearney, MO
Phone: (816)468-0702
Name: Bowles (Dickerson), Martha
E-mail: rmbowles@sbcglobal.net
Address: 3809 SW LaCrosse Court
Lees Summit, MO 64082
Phone: 816-537-5846
Occupation: Accountant
Name: Brant (Kertley), Denise
E-mail: teambrant@earthlink.net
Address: 3728 Ben Hogan
Bilings, MT 59106
Phone: (406)651-1780
Name: Breault, Jeff
E-mail: jkbro@swbell.net
Address: 1901 NE 78 th
KC, MO 64118
Phone: 816-436-5233
Name: Brinck, Ron
E-mail: Brinckro@cableone.net
Address: 3820 Country Club Blvd
Sioux City, IA 51104
Occupation: Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Name: Brown (Rogers), Debbie
E-mail: interpdeb@kc.rr.com
Address: 11035 N Skiles Ave
kansas city, MO 64157
Phone: 816-414-3783
Occupation: Certified & Licensed sign language interpreter
Name: Byrd, Randy
E-mail: two_byrds@yhaoo.com
Address: 2300 Woodland Circle
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: 816-628-4667
Occupation: Garmin
Name: Carson (Custer), Shauna
E-mail: ainsrace@att.net
Address: 6701 N Park Avenue
gladstone, MO 64118
Occupation: Property Manager/homemaker
Name: Cheney (Martin), Kim
E-mail: Kacheney@MOheck.com
Address: 9403 N Flora
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)468-7229
Name: Clay, Tim
E-mail: clays5@yahoo.com
Address: 1402 Apache St.
Arlington, TX 76012
Phone: 817-548-8278
Occupation: Quality Inspector / Aerospace
Name: Coffman (Bryan), Allison
E-mail: allisoncoffman@yahoo.com
Address: 3318 E Suncrest CT.
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Phone: (480)460-0731
Name: Colner (Mills), Janet
E-mail: jcolner@kc.rr.com
Address: 2212 NE 74th ST
Gladstone, MO 64118
Occupation: IT- Commerce Bank
Name: Dalsing, Jeffrey
E-mail: jdalsing@nileshomekc.org
Occupation: Vice-Principal
E-mail: daledavis2112@gmail.com
Address: 710 S.2nd street
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Occupation: Engineer
Name: Davis, Tom
E-mail: nocaltom@cwnet.com
Address: 10303 Red Fir Rd
Truckee, CA 96161
Phone: (530)582-0783
Occupation: Lift Ops Manager at Northstar
Name: Deatherage (Cordray), Kathleen
Address: PO Box 1432
Ava, MO 65608
Phone: 4175435639
Name: DeMars (Nuttle), Monica
E-mail: monizooma@attbi.com
Address: 9211 NE 15th Ave #E365
Vancouver, WA 98665
Phone: (360)574-4127
Occupation: Security Consultant
Name: Dorsey, Tom
E-mail: Tomd0164@aol.com
Address: 2133 NE 7th ST
Ocala,, FL 34470
Phone: (352)622-7107
Name: Douidi (Tippet), Cindy
E-mail: momsl8@comcast.net
Address: 8 Devonshire Drive
Bedford, NH 03110
Phone: (603)471-9399
Occupation: Mother of 4, Student
Name: Downs (Jacobson), Mindy
Address: 3012 Flint Dr
Lawerence, KS
Phone: (913)840-9130
Name: Dozier, Kevin
E-mail: kevin@dozier.com
Address: 300 Brentwood
San Francisco, CA 94127
Phone: (415)587-0301
Occupation: VP Planning & Distribution, Sephora
Name: Dugas (Boone), Lisa
E-mail: Lisa_dugas@hotmail.com
Address: 1838 NW 50th Terr
Northmoor, MO 64151
Phone: (816)741-2909
Name: Dupaul (Hilton), Vickie
E-mail: vj1963@aol.com
Address: 1004 N.E. 80th terr.
kansas city, Mo 64118
Phone: 816-216-7764
Occupation: Bakery/ Deli Specialist
Name: Ellis, Gary
E-mail: ggellis30@aol.com
Name: Faires (Riordan), Jennifer
E-mail: jer9888@aol.com
Address: 3640 S. Holiday Ave.
Springfield, mo 65807
Phone: 417-848-7180
Occupation: Psychiatric UR Specialist
Name: Fisher (Heathman), Susan
E-mail: fisher.susan@epa.gov
Address: P.O. Box 401
Gower, mo 64454
Occupation: Geologist
Name: Fry (Bird), Kassie
E-mail: Kassiebird@yahoo.com
Address: 16823 Cole Rd
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: (816)628-6582
Occupation: Product Development
Name: Fulton, Jeff
E-mail: jfulton@biglotcars.com
Address: 4312 n hickory lane
kansascity, mo 64116
Phone: 8162415100
Name: Gercken (Stayton), Annette
E-mail: chasnet@swbell.net
Address: 7332 N Eastern Ave
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: 816-415-3234
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Name: Glasgow, Todd
E-mail: tglasgow@kc.rr.com
Address: 11312 N. Madison Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)734-9340
Occupation: Director; DST
Name: Green (Stalcup), Theresa
E-mail: tag409@gmail.com
Address: 409 Killarney Lane
Smithville, MO 64089
Phone: 816-532-9393
Occupation: Business Analyst
Name: Grove (Harmon), Nancy
E-mail: grove4zn@yahoo.com
Address: 4104 NE 83rd St
Kansas CIty, MO 64119
Occupation: missionary to New Zealand with my husband Mike
Name: Hagel, Craig
E-mail: gladrockmo1@yahoo.com
Address: 1000 NE 73rd Place
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: 816-216-6382
Occupation: Sales Rep
Name: Haines, Ronald, Jr.
E-mail: kchunter007@yahoo.com
Address: 505 NE 88th St.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)436-2684
Name: Ham, Randy
E-mail: hamrj@aol.com
Address: 2414 Harvard
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-843-7575
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Contractor/Property Manager
Name: Harris (Jennings), Kathy
E-mail: krhyqf@umkc.edu
Address: 19002 Salem Ct
Independence, MO 64058
Phone: (816)305-8299
Occupation: Law Student
Name: Harrison (Grace), Gretchen
E-mail: gretchenharrison@sbcglobal.net
Address: 10516 Pawnee Lane
Leawood, KS 66206
Phone: 913-909-6035
Occupation: Choir teacher
Name: Hawk, Jean
E-mail: smrtrabbit@earthlink.net
Occupation: Senior IT Applications Analyst
Name: Hays (Brewer), Sherri
E-mail: sun.star.moon@nowhereville.com
Address: 4433 N. Indiana
Kansas City, MO 64117
Phone: (816)452-1342
Occupation: Systems Coordinator
Name: Herod, David
E-mail: dherod01@sprintspectrum.com
Address: 9304 NW 59th Terr
Parkville, MO 64152
Phone: (816)746-6963
Occupation: RF Engineer
Name: Holmes, Lisa
E-mail: lholmes@yulanstudio.com
Address: Portland, OR
Occupation: graphic designer
Name: Hopkins (Teel), Denise
Address: 9734 Post Oak Circle
DeSoto, KS 66018
Phone: (913)583-3450
Name: Houston (Harris), Dawn
E-mail: dawneliz64@hotmail.com
Address: 2708 NW 3rd Terrace
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Occupation: Medical Coder
Name: Hulse, Billy
Address: 7701 E Camelback Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (602)620-5501
Name: Johnson, Jim
E-mail: go9more@msn.com
Address: 513 NE 113th Terr.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Name: Johnson (Jordan), Alison
E-mail: cobra@solve.net
Address: 6504 NW Platte Hills Rd
Parkville, MO 64152
Phone: 816-746-4298
Occupation: accounting
Name: Johnson (Robbins), Tina
E-mail: tinadeann@hotmail.com
Address: 513 NE 113th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 816-734-5183
Occupation: Vice President/ Northland National Bank
Name: Keesling, Jeff
E-mail: jhkgolf@aol.com
Address: 1503 Plattsburg Rd.
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: (816)628-0287
Name: Keesling(Schol), Chris
E-mail: jhkgolf@aol.com
Address: 1503 Plattsburg Rd.
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: (816)628-0287
Name: Ketcham (Kim Ketcham), Paige
E-mail: kpaigeketcham@gmail.com
Address: 4618 N. Orchard street
Tacoma, wa 98407
Phone: 253-306-8651
Occupation: Retired Police Officer/Nursing student
Name: King, Jeff
E-mail: jking64118@msn.com
Address: 2504 NE 78th Street
Kansas City, MO 64118
Name: Leava, Kenneth
E-mail: ken.leava@solar.siemens.com
Address: 12727 NW 21st Ave
Vancouver, WA
Phone: (360)944-5232
Occupation: Warehouse Mgr.
Name: Lee (Dye), Mary
E-mail: yesmisstressmary@yahoo.com
Address: 3532 N Bales Ave
Kansas City, Mo 64117
Phone: 816-924-9839
Occupation: business
Name: Lewis, Scott
E-mail: natoman@juno.com
Address: San Diego, CA 92123
Occupation: US Navy
Name: Low (Adams), Linda
E-mail: tigerlily_linda@hotmail.com
Address: 6808 NW 129th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
Phone: 4054109924
Name: Matney (Kilpatrick), Christi
E-mail: christi.matney@kcpl.com
Address: 8808 NE 110th Street
Kansas City, MO 64157
Phone: 816-415-3244
Occupation: InfoSec - Musician
Name: McCoy (Churchman), Carol
Address: Platte City, Mo 64079
Name: McKee (Andrus), Annette
E-mail: netnetmckee@yahoo.com
Address: 7220 Bond Street
Shawnee, KS 66203
Phone: 913-788-0729
Occupation: Credit Balance Coordinator
Name: McKinney, Mike
E-mail: Mmckinney5@kc.rr.com
Address: 40598 NW 82nd St
Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: (816)468-7446
Occupation: Elec. Tech.
Name: McLain, Trisha
E-mail: trisha@mclain.com
Address: 2696 Barcelona Drive
Marietta, GA 30064
Phone: (770)943-4887
Occupation: Project Engineer
Name: Miriani, Andrew
E-mail: amiriani@aol.com
Address: 5844 Brookside Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64113
Phone: (816)361-9824
Occupation: Video Editor
Name: Miriani, Andy
E-mail: andymiriani@sbcglobal.net
Address: 5844 Brookside Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64113
Phone: 816.361.9824
Occupation: Freelance Video Editor
Name: Mowry, Kyle
E-mail: KLM_Grunie@hotmail.com
Address: 4339 Roanoke Pkwy #103
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: (816)753-3708
E-mail: arvind.nehra@gmail.com
Address: 11628 VIA SANTA BRISA
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: 8582753708
Occupation: Physican
Name: Nicholson, Kevin
E-mail: Rnckn12@hotmail.com
Address: 9720 NW Hillsbord Rd
Kansas City, MO 64153
Phone: (816)330-3673
Name: Oyler, Andy
E-mail: imagebase1@aol.com
Address: KCMO, 64118
Occupation: Sr. Database Administrator, Jack Henry & Associate
Name: Oyler, James
E-mail: imagebase1@outlook.com
Address: 5829 N Jackson Drive
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: 9132093358
Occupation: Sr. Database Administrator
Name: Perry, Jim
E-mail: rmheperry@hotmail.com
Name: Perry, Renee
E-mail: sperry@psdschools.org
Address: 3109 Farview Dr
Ft Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 416-8970
Occupation: Teacher
Name: Petry, Greg
E-mail: greg.petry@ingramentertainment.com
Address: 1706 claire ct.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615)848-7158
Occupation: VP Operations
Name: Phillips (Davis), Karen
E-mail: karenphillips64@yahoo.com
Address: PO Box 891
Camdenton, MO 65020
Phone: 573-434-1324
Occupation: Director of Software Applications
Name: Pierce, Dan
Address: 7511 N Garfield Ave.
Gladstone, MO 64166
Phone: (816)468-6970
Occupation: Ford Motor Company
Name: Pierce, Darren
E-mail: dtpierce63@sbcglobal.net
Address: 8408 N Pomona Ave
Kansas City, MO 64153
Phone: 816-587-9050
Occupation: Staff Accountant
Name: Pierson, Stan
E-mail: Swpier62@yahoo.com
Address: 520 W. Aldine #206
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773)404-7577
Name: Porter, Jeff
E-mail: Vporter65@aol.com
Address: 6410 N. Flora Ave
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-0543
Name: Porter, Vivian
E-mail: Vporter65@aol.com
Address: 6410 N. Flora Ave
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-0543
Name: Price, David
E-mail: pricefamily.david@gmail.com
Address: 8211 N. Nodaway Ave
Kansas City, MO 64152
Occupation: Mortgage Technology
Name: Quirk, Gary
E-mail: gary@acreptiles.com
Address: 1600 S. Noland Rd. Suite 110
independence, MO 64055
Occupation: self employed
Name: riley, edmund
E-mail: eriley1981@yahoo.com
Address: 5664 N . Smalley
kansas, mo 64119
Phone: 545- 0672
Occupation: hallmark cards
Name: Ruckman (Hicks), Susan
E-mail: sruckman@albany.k12.mo.us
Address: 401 E. Clay
Albany, MO 64402
Phone: (660)726-5765
Occupation: Secretary
Name: Ryan, Patrick
E-mail: ptmmryan@aol.com
Address: 137a North Deeside Rd
Aberdeen, Scotland, AB130JS
Phone: 44-1224-862625
Occupation: Sr. Drilling Engineer-Chevron
Name: Ryan (Furman), Bonnie
E-mail: Whiteangelway@aol.com
Address: 1 Lilly lane
Port Kennedy,
Occupation: Office assistant
Name: Sanders, Greg
E-mail: greg.sanders@pxd.com
Address: 8427 Laviento Drive
Anchorage, Ak 99515
Phone: 907-227-4718
Occupation: Petroleum Engineer
Name: Sanders (WasDyke), Lisa
E-mail: lisa.sanders.icng@statefarm.com
Address: 8427 Laviento Drive
Anchorage, Ak 99515
Phone: 907-250-5724
Occupation: State Farm Insurance Agent
Name: Schaeffer, Thomas
E-mail: tom4kc@gmail.com
Address: 6300 NW Caney Creek Drive
Kansas City, MO 64151
Phone: 816-536-3703
Occupation: Engineer
Name: Schmidt, Stephen
E-mail: hemi_cuda_1971@yahoo.com
Address: 6360 NW Hickory CT
Parkville, MO 64152
Phone: 816-801-8122
Occupation: Special Agent - FBI
Name: Schmiege (Rogers), Sunniva
E-mail: Sunni526@kc.rr.com
Address: 7523 N Booth Ave
Kansas City, MO 64158
Phone: (816)792-2793
Name: Scholl, Matt
E-mail: schmat64@yahoo.com
Occupation: Technical Director - Pneumatics
Name: Sivils (Martin), Kim
E-mail: kcinsj@yahoo.com
Address: 2709 8th Street
Columbus, NE 68601
Name: Sprague (Overbey, Stacey
Address: 2977 Jordan Ct
Woudbury, MN 55125
Phone: (651)730-0642
Occupation: Med Tech
Name: Stanley (Gilpin), Pam
E-mail: stanleys@stanleyappraisal.com
Address: 12104 Catalina
Leawood, KS 66209
Phone: (913)338-3456
Occupation: American Century
Name: Steenrod (Stevenson), Cindy
E-mail: mxmom16@sbcglobal.net
Address: 6803 NW Pleasantview Drive
Parkville, MO 64152
Phone: 8166824598
Name: Strange (Olvera), Pam
E-mail: pprock@kc.rr.com
Address: 10305 N. Baltimore Ave
Kansas City, MO 64155
Name: Straub, Owen
E-mail: owen@kc.rr.com
Address: 6035 N Elmwood CT
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: 816-454-6989
Name: Timmons, Karl
E-mail: karltimmons@gmail.com
Address: 444 N Jaax Ct
Wichita, KS 67235
Occupation: Retired Federal Agent /DHS
Name: Tinius, Dan
E-mail: daniel.l.tinius@spiritaero.com
Address: 217 N Bluff
Wichita, KS 67208
Name: Van Duser, Charlie
E-mail: cvanduser@kc.rr.com
Address: 200 NW 65th Terrace
Gladstone, MO 64118
Occupation: Application Development Manager
Name: Van Duser (Stariwat), Yvonne
E-mail: usafbrat64@yahoo.com
Address: 104 Gramercy Ct
Minot AFB, ND 58704
Occupation: Teacher
Name: Van Winkle (Miller), Sharon
E-mail: smvanwinkle@hotmail.com
Address: 301 W. Calico Dr.
Raymore, MO 64083
Occupation: MRI Technologist
Name: Wadehra (Volaski), Elaine
E-mail: ewadehra@gmail.com
Address: 23705 W. 69th Terr.
Shawnee, KS 66226
Occupation: Manager of Commercial Support - UMB
Name: weber (Greene), teri
E-mail: teri.weber@hotmail.com
Address: 301 nw 102nd st
kansas city, MO 64155
Phone: 8165910904
Occupation: insurance agent
Name: Westbrook, Greg
Address: 11 NE 110th Terr
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)734-4203
Name: White, Ron
E-mail: crash@revoltingdevelopments.com
Address: Kansas City, KS 66106
Name: Wonderly, Mike
Address: Rt.3 Box 383
Sunrise Beach, MO 65079
Phone: (573)374-8722
Occupation: Teacher
Name: Woodbury, Stuart
E-mail: swilife@aol.com
Address: 6812 N Hardesty
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816)452-2730
Occupation: Business Owner

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